Episode 6: Tackling the social determinants of family homelessness with Shantiqua Neely and Delana Murdock

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Shantiqua Neely, Executive Director, and Delana Murdock, Grants and Data Associate of A Child's Place join the podcast to discuss the social determinants of family homelessness. Using examples from their practice and evaluation data, Shantiqua and Delana discuss how A Child's Place - a nonprofit based in Charlotte NC - works to erase the impact of homelessness on children and their education. They also challenge common perceptions of family and child homelessness and encourage listeners to examine root causes and the social and contextual factors that put families in positions of housing insecurity - while offering avenues for positive support and intervention. 

Shantiqua D. Neely is the Executive Director at A Child's Place, a Charlotte area non-profit dedicated to erasing the impact of homelessness on children and their education.  Ms. Neely began her career working in corporate America then soon decided to focus her skills toward “servant leadership”. In her current capacity, she is responsible for implementation of policies, annual goals and objectives, and oversight of financial, program, and administrative management of the agency.

Delana Murdock is the Grants and Data Associate of A Child’s Place. Her current work is preparing grant applications and reports, and supporting efforts to evaluate the impact of family homelessness through data collection and analysis. She graduated with her masters from UNC Charlotte’s School of Social Work in 2015, where her research and field experience focused on program evaluation, social and emotional learning, and education.