Episode 5: Trauma-informed care with Dr. Travis Hales

Dr. Travis Hales of the UNC Charlotte School of Social Work joins the podcast to talk trauma-informed care. Dr. Hales provides a brief history and current research on trauma-informed care and shares findings from his research on how organizations can become more trauma-informed.

Roger, Drew, and Travis

Dr. Hales is an Assistant Professor in the School of Social at UNC Charlotte. He received his MSW and PhD from The University of Buffalo in the School of Social Work.

Dr. Hales is an emerging social work scholar whose research focuses on building an evidence-base for trauma-informed approaches and examining the relationships among organizational conditions, staff well-being, and therapeutic effectiveness.

In 2017, Dr. Hales was awarded the Buffalo Center for Social Research’s Excellence in Research Award for his research on advancing trauma-informed theory.

Dr. Hales’ teaching interests include organizational practice and theory, research methodology, and program evaluation. Dr. Hales’ most recent publication, “Trauma-Informed Care Outcome Study”, demonstrated that implementing trauma-informed interventions significantly increased client retention in addiction treatment. Dr. Hales is currently pursuing funding to examine how opioid deaths are impacting therapist’s well-being and effectiveness.