Episode 4: Systemic change to support immigrant communities with Federico Rios

Federico Rios, the International and Integration Manger for the City of Charlotte, NC, joins the podcast to talk about the structural challenges facing the immigrant community and new strategies to support the health and wellbeing of immigrant communities. 

Drew, Roger, and Federico

Our guest for today’s episode is Federico Rios, Charlotte’s first International and Integration Manger who leads the city’s Office of International Relations.

Federico manages the city’s efforts in both its international business and immigrant integration work.

Federico is charged with implementing the Immigrant Integration Task Force report’s recommendations and eliminating systemic barriers confronting Charlotte’s immigrant community.

Prior to joining the city, Federico spent eight and half years with Communities In Schools Charlotte-Mecklenburg. As the founding Director of the Newcomer Services Program, Federico in partnership with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools created a case management model to serve newly arrived and often highly traumatized, Central American youth.

As the child of an Immigrant mother, Federico has felt a deep sense of calling to his work. His commitment to service is driven by his desire to see all of the members of our community have equitable opportunities.

Apart from the roles that have already been mentioned Federico has served the community as a Crisis Intervention Specialist, Qualified Mental Health Professional and educator. He is a member of the Leading On Opportunity Council, Mental Health America’s Policy and Advocacy Committee, the Communities In Schools Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Directors, the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Engagement Committee and the Opportunity Insights Advisory Panel.

He is the 2018 Excelente award Community Service Person of the Year. His proudest accomplishment is being a husband to his wife Lakisha and father to his two boys Elias and Jaden.