Episode 7: Addressing the social determinants through legislation with NC State Representative Graig Meyer

North Carolina State Representative Graig Meyer joins the podcast to offer examples of legislative solutions that address the social determinants of health across North Carolina. He describes his work across micro and macro levels, using skills to work both with individuals while also bringing a systemic perspective about how policy impacts the health and wellbeing of people. He also encourages social workers and helping professionals to be engaged in the political process and describes how promoting community health is inextricable from engaging in the public sphere. 

Episode 6: Tackling the social determinants of family homelessness with Shantiqua Neely and Delana Murdock

Shantiqua Neely, Executive Director, and Delana Murdock, Grants and Data Associate of A Child's Place join the podcast to discuss the social determinants of family homelessness. Using examples from their practice and evaluation data, Shantiqua and Delana challenge common perceptions of family and child homelessness and encourage listeners to examine root causes and the social and contextual factors that put families in positions of housing insecurity - while offering avenues for positive support and intervention. 

Episode 1: The Helping Hands of Our Community: Addressing the Social Determinants of Health

In this opening episode, cohosts Roger Suclupe and Drew Reynolds talk about the BRAND NEW podcast, "The Helping Hands of Our Community: Addressing the Social Determinants of Health". In this episode, Roger and Drew provide an introduction to the social determinants of health framework and discuss how this theme will be explored in future episodes. To learn more about the podcast and to view information about our guests, navigate to thehelpinghandspodcast.com. And remember, strong always, always strong.